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Family Photo - Owners of Lidderdale Country Store

Mission Statement

We strongly believe in one of the most important things that bring people together - FOOD! Whether it's a wedding, class/family reunion, business affair, or just a simple family gathering, we believe it all starts with good food. We cherish our time together sitting around the table laughing, talking, and making memories as a family, and we want to make it our mission to provide you with a stress-free meal, so that everyone at your event can sit down, enjoy time together, and make memories, as well.


Lidderdale Country Store Catering is a family owned and operated business. Over the years we have gone from a small town restaurant to an even smaller town restaurant to an experienced catering business that now serves the whole state of Iowa and bordering states, as well.

It all began in 1976 in the small town of Breda, Iowa – population 502 – when Bill and Pat Stork bought a restaurant called Zeke’s. Bill’s brother, Tom, and his wife, Mary Jean, joined the team in 1978 to help with the growing customer demand and increased service hours. Zeke’s quickly became known for its good food at great prices.

In 1991, Bill and Pat moved to an even smaller town called Lidderdale – population 200 – and bought the Country Store, which happened to be a gas station at the time. Since there were no restaurants in town, Bill added on to the back of the convenience store and opened a small restaurant. Tom joined them in Lidderdale and business quickly picked up. It didn’t take long before customer demand grew so much that they shut down the gas station portion to focus exclusively on the restaurant. As the years went by, the business continued to flourish, so in 1998, Bill and Pat’s son, Brad, joined them full-time to help with the expanding catering needs. Word about the quality food, reasonable prices, and friendly down-home service began to spread so much around Carroll County and beyond that it became difficult to produce enough food for both a restaurant full of customers and increasing catering events. So, on May 23, 2008, Bill decided it was time to close the restaurant for good, and with some remodeling and a slight name change, it became a full-fledged catering business – Lidderdale Country Store Catering.

In 2013, Bill and Pat sold Lidderdale Country Store Catering to their son and daughter-in-law, Brad and Nicole Stork. Nicole quit her full-time job to start helping in the kitchen when needed, which also gave her more time to spend at home with the kids.

To this day, we continue to grow the business, offering the excellent food and service that people statewide have come to know and love. We now have 7 full-time employees, all family members, and over 90 part-time employees who come in on nights and weekends to help us get the food to your events. Without them, we couldn’t get the food everywhere throughout the state plus have time to spend with our families. Our employees are what really make this business run smoothly and efficiently – they are our second family.

So next time you see us at your event, know right away that the food will be great, you will be served with a smile, and we are always happy to help in any way that we can. Enjoy!



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